Durian Snow Ice Confection

Durian Snow Ice Confection
Durian Snow Ice Confection


Durian Snow Ice Confection

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Texture: Fine & Smooth

Taste: Sweet

Feature: Soft & Fluffy Ice, Melts In Mouth In Seconds

Packaging: Kept Frozen

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Net Weight/Unit:
2.5 Kilogram

Usage: Easily, just take the pre-made Durian Shaved Ice block and spin it in an ice machine to get as many chips of snow ice as you like. As the coolness only melts in your mouth in a matter of minutes, so you can make as much or as little as you like, taking care to make just the right amount for that all-time favourite of Durian Snow Ice desserts As a matter of fact, it doesn’t take that long to enjoy a bowl of Durian Snow Ice dessert as the Duran Shaved Ice is not only hygienically prepared but also ready-to-use. So convenient that all kinds of scrumptious desserts can be done in an instant. It comes in a solid form weighing 2.5 kilograms (5.512 pounds) that can be kept away and reused again for that all time experience of Durian Shaved Ice flavour in a variety of culinary concoctions and desserts.

As it contains an authentic durian flavor extract, so genuine tasting desserts can be made and savored almost like eating a real fruit. Unlike the fruits which go and come according to season, Durian Snow Ice block is available all-round the year so an afternoon with friends at an ice cream parlour is possible anytime. Satisfy your cravings for the king of fruits, without the pong of durian as it is mildly aromatic yet hardly pungent. In sum, only the essence is added to the Durian Shaved Ice for an awesome ice meal experience. Just drop a little piece of Durian Shaved Ice on your tongue to savour that durian taste that lingers on as it melts decadently. In a no rush experience, Durian Shaved Ice desserts are tailored to be relished, that each piece of shaved ice is so filled with flavor that it is meant for a quality lasting dining. Just remember to reseal the bag once it is opened so it can be used over and over again.


JAKIM Halal-Cerfified: To suit the Malaysian segment of the conscious consumption, the durian shaved ice is a certified halal product by JAKIM thereby making it suitable for Muslim consumption.

MeSTI Certificate: MeSTI is a Malaysian Ministry of Health food safety approach that focuses to enforce a food hygiene management and operations management system that includes food safety protection as well as food quality and safety. As an outcome, the Malaysian Ministry of Health has approved Subtropical Food Industries Sdn. Bhdfood .'s and beverage products, including the Durian Shaved Ice, for human consumption. This proven that Subtropical Food Industries was able to successfully manufacture proper sanitary products, including Durian Shaved Ice through the use of a well-managed food preparation planning and operational system.
Packaging: Durian Shaved Ice is one of many flavours of Snow Ice blocks made by Subtropical Sdn Bhd providing consumers with a healthy, clean and convenient way to relish favourite desserts,

Each Durian Shaved Ice block adheres to quality and health controls as it is seamlessly wrapped in plastic so it is safe, clean, and can be immediately used. Expiration date is clearly printed on the package and it only needs to be resealed after use until the next time. Durian Shaved Ice is best used by keeping it away from constant sunlight with an avoidance to extreme conditions of moisture or excessive heat.

Suitable for eateries, restaurants and even hotel cafes, as it is pre-packaged into units of 2.5 kilograms per piece allowing greater durable consumption and ease of producing an extensive variety of desserts. The volume of Durian Snow Ice has been tailored made to ensure that shaved ice is an every ready ingredient that will not run out suddenly. Thus, a 2.5 Kilogram volume unit of Durian Snow Ice is heavy enough yet can be lightly used as needed if you need a few bowls of just one or two of shaved ice for desired amounts of consumptions.

Durian Shaved Ice Overview:

As the touted king of fruits, a durian is a majestic fruit garnering respect as it is an acquired taste. Its tough spiked exterior can only be opened with a broad knife with a knack to expose rows of yellow or almost whitish flesh. Likewise, a good fruit is believed to give out a raw pungent smell that can be as appealing as it is offensive. There is a broad spectrum of durians available in the marker with prices ranging from low to hundreds of ringgits. As not all durians are locally sourced, imported ones also can cost a pretty penny. The famous Musang King goes up in price with a single fruit placed on a weighing scale can actually land on the steep end. As durians are seasonal, prices rice and fluctuate depending on supply. However, most people cannot go without a whole year without a taste of their cravings for the proud durian. But, these days, durians have been incorporated into other types of food, all manufactured with the essence of the real thing.

Subtropical Sdn Bhd has incorporated a repertoire of flavours with their Snow ice blocks product range thus allowing for a wider durian experience. As the essence is folded into the ice block; the taste, flavor and even the aroma of durians are captured without an overwhelming smell that lingers everywhere. As we know, am actual durian may not get everyone drooling for more, but the Durian Shaved Ice block is a milder option, of shaved ice that can be enjoyed with spoonfulls of your favourite dessert. Each ice block has is unique colour and taste unlike the plain conventional ice blocks that we grew up seeing everywhere. A pretty shape and attractive colour, is not only innovative but also allows you cosy moments in your favourite café or restaurant. As each snow block is prettily coloured according to flavor, Durian Shaved Ice block is a new way to enjoy the taste of durian all year round fit for locals, tourists and just anyone that fancies a dessert that melts in your mouth with icy freshness of a favourite fruit. Although, durians are actually meant to  enjoyed, opened, and eaten whole with each piece of yellow as precious as nuggets of gold but sadly seasons come and go. Durian Shaved Ice is readily available all year round to satisfy that sudden craving at the drop of a hat! So, Subtropical Sdn Bhd ‘s Durian Shaved Ice is an option to get dressed and go out to your favourite place with friends and family, and just relax the day away, with just that little something of ice, and sugar and spice.

Durian Shaved Ice Specifications
  • A solid form of 2.5 kg per block (5.512 pounds)
  • To be stored frozen
  • A Soft and Smooth Texture
  • Sweet-Tasting
  • A Shelf Life of 12 Months

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