Matcha Snow Ice Confection

Matcha Snow Ice Confection
Matcha Snow Ice Confection


Matcha Snow Ice Confection

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Texture: Fine & Smooth

Taste: Sweet

Feature: Soft & Fluffy Ice, Melts In Mouth In Seconds

Packaging: Kept Frozen

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Net Weight/Unit: 2.5 Kilogram

Usage: Green Tea Shaved Ice may be used in a number of creative cooking recipes. Here is the Kakigori recipe (Japanese shaved ice dessert). To prepare a Kakigori, just take a chunk of Green Tea Shaved Ice from the plastic bag and place it in the electric shaved ice machine. Then turn on the machine and simply shave the ice. When the fluffy green tea ice flakes begin to come out of the machine, just let it run for a few minutes to allow a lovely peak to form by itself. You'll need to spin the bowl just that little right at the end to fix any asymmetrical.

The first stop should be sweetened condensed milk. This allows the creamy delicious milk to completely diffuse the shaved ice. Next, add some red beans.  Then, gently add matcha powder on top of the bowl. Don't worry, flavour is really not overwhelming, and it simply provides a level of green tea flavour.  Last but not least, top with a scoop of matcha ice cream. Ice cream cools and creamifies the forming ice mountain.

Storage instruction: Subtropical Food Industries strongly advises consumers to keep Green Tea Shaved Ice at temperatures ranging from 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (°F), or 1.67 to 4.44 degrees Celsius (°C). Store it by carefully sealing it in a plastic bag and then storing the Green Tea Shaved Ice in the chest freezer or in the refrigerating chamber. Avoid constant exposure to light, as well as excessive heat or moisture. If properly preserved, this Green Tea Shaved Ice can be maintained for up to 12 months (1 years).

Packaging: Green Tea Shaved Ice from Subtropical Food Industries Sdn. Bhd comes in 2.5kg (5.5lb) pieces wrapped in a plastic bag. In terms of logistics and shipping, the product will be packaged in 2.5kg(5.51lbs) x 8 pieces per carton for bulk purchases.

We will carefully and precisely pack your purchases to ensure that the customers receive them in good condition. Defects or inconveniences to your purchases while shipment may be avoided by using the proper packing techniques and packaging materials, as well as earning more favourable evaluations and higher client satisfaction when the products are delivered in perfect condition.

Certifications: Since its establishment, the Subtropical Food Industries Sdn. Bhd brand of halal food taste, including Green Tea Shaved Ice, has received two major certifications, including;

JAKIM Halal-Certified: As a Halal manufacturer, Subtropical Food Industries Sdn. Bhd strictly adheres to the guidelines established by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) to ensure that the huge range of halal food products available is suitable for Muslim populations throughout Malaysia. As a conclusion, in this case, Green Tea Shaved Ice can be labeled as Halal Green Tea Shaved Ice Malaysia.

MeSTI Certificate: MeSTI is basically a food safety programme launched by the Ministry of Health Malaysia to implement a food hygiene management and operations management system that includes food safety protection as well as food quality and safety.Hence, the Malaysian Ministry of Health has recognised the food and beverage products at Subtropical Food Industries Sdn. Bhd, including the Green Tea Shaved Ice, as safe for human consumption. This proved that Subtropical Food Industries successfully manufactured hygienic products such as Green Tea Shaved Ice by utilizing a well-managed food hygiene planning and operational system.

About Subtropical Food Industries's Green Tea Shaved Ice

Subtropical Food Industries Sdn Bhd is a company that was founded in January of 2015. This Melaka, Malaysia-based company is a food and beverage manufacturer as well as a trader. They have obtained JAKIM HALAL certification for their production factory. Their main products include Snow Ice (also known as Shaved Ice and Bingsu), Fruits Syrup, Pudding Powder, Spring Onion Paratha, and Snacks (ChocoJar, Dried Fruits), among others. Furthermore, this organization offers OEM services to satisfy the demands of consumers.

One of their famous products is Green Tea Shaved Ice. It is often prepared with ice and condensed milk and is shaved thinly to give it a smooth, almost fluffy texture that melts instantaneously on the tongue. A substantial quantity of fruit, addictive and refreshing.

Also known as a vast family of ice-based desserts with finely chopped ice and sweet sauces or syrups. The syrup is normally added after the ice has been frozen and shaved, and at the point of sale. However, flavouring can be applied prior to freezing. The dessert is enjoyed in a variety of shapes and methods across the world. Shaved ice may also be combined with a considerable amount of liquid to create shaved ice beverages.

Subtropical Food Industries's Green Tea Shaved Ice Specifications
  • It has a fine and smooth texture.
  • Soft and fluffy ice melts in the mouth in a split second
  • Packed in 5kg(5.51lbs) x 8 pieces per carton
  • 12 months shelf life
  • Made in Malaysia

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