Bubble Tea Snow Ice

Bubble Tea Snow Ice
Bubble Tea Snow Ice


Bubble Tea Snow Ice

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Texture: Fine & Smooth

Taste: Sweet

Feature: Soft & Fluffy Ice, Melts In Mouth In Seconds

Packaging: Kept Frozen

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Net Weight/Unit: 2.5 Kilogram

Typically made with ice and condensed milk, it's shaved thinly to give it a soft almost fluffy like texture that melts instantly on the tongue. Addictive and highly refreshing, a generous portion of fruit.

Also know as a large family of ice-based dessert made of fine shavings of ice or finely crushed ice and sweet condiments or syrups. Usually, the syrup is added after the ice has been frozen and shaved and typically at the point of sale. However, flavoring can also be added before freezing. The dessert is consumed worldwide in various forms and manners. Shaved ice can also be mixed with large quantities of liquid to produce shaved ice drinks.

Storage & Care:
  • Seal the bag after opening.
  • Avoid excessive heat or moisture.
  • Avoid constant exposure to light.
  • Expiration date as marked on the package.

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