Mango Snow Ice Confection

Mango Snow Ice Confection
Mango Snow Ice Confection


Mango Snow Ice Confection

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Texture: Fine & Smooth

Taste: Sweet

Feature: Soft & Fluffy Ice, Melts In Mouth In Seconds

Packaging: Kept Frozen

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Net Weight/Unit: 2.5 Kilogram

Usage: There are so many ways on how you can enjoy this tasty Mango Snow Ice from Subtropical Food Industries Sdn Bhd. First of all, before you indulge into this soft, fluffy and smooth texture of shaved ice, you need to cut the plastic packaging carefully using a sharp object, typically a scissor or a knife. Once that’s done, take the block of ice out from the packaging and place it on a large cutting board or plate.

You may decide on what appliances that you are going to use to make the mango shaved ice – a blender or an ice shaver machine. Ice shaver machine can shave a big chunk of ice straight away whereas the blender is the opposite. You might need to cut the ice block into smaller pieces in order to fit in the blender. To make Mango Snow Ice using a blender, you may want to cut the block of ice first using an ice pin, a large serrated knife and a thick cutting board. Cut the block of ice into smaller pieces and place it right away into the blender. Then, continue to blend the ice into the desired consistency. After that, using a silicone scoop or spoon, scoop the products out and pour them into a large bowl or cups depending on the consistency.

To shave the ice block using an ice shaver machine, you need to first pull up the handle using one hand. Then, place the ice block on top of the platform that comes together with the sharp blades. Then, simply pull down the handle and make sure that the blades that are connected to the handle are nicely placed on top of the ice block. This is to ensure that the ice block would not fly away or move when the machine is in operation. Place a large bowl or any desired bowls underneath the machine to collect the shaved ice later on. Carefully turn on the machine when everything is in place and remember to monitor it at all times.  Do not leave the machine unattended.

You may serve the Mango Shaved Ice as it is, or you can be extra fancy and add colorful, delicious toppings to your ice desserts. Add fresh mangoes and strawberries, sprinkle dash of peanuts or chocolate rice, drizzle a lavish amount of caramel drizzle or mango puree, add some final touches with mint leaves and wafer stick – that’s your fancy mango ice shaved dessert ready to go! Best to serve the Mango Snow Ice dessert right away before it melts.


JAKIM Halal-Certified: By obtaining the JAKIM Halal certificate, all Subtropical Food Industries Sdn Bhd is proven to have complied with the Islamic guidelines and standards imposed by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). With this certificate, Mango Snow Ice may also be known as Halal Mango Snow Ice.

MeSTI Certificate: MeSTI is basically a food safety programme launched by the Ministry of Health Malaysia to implement a food hygiene management and operations management system that includes food safety protection as well as food quality and safety.Hence, the Malaysian Ministry of Health has recognised the food and beverage products at Subtropical Food Industries Sdn. Bhd, including the Mango Snow Ice, as safe for human consumption. This proved that Subtropical Food Industries successfully manufactured hygienic products such as Mango Snow Ice by utilizing a well-managed food hygiene planning and operational system.

Storage instructions: Subtropical Food Industries Sdn Bhd recommending a few ways on how to store the Mango Snow Ice. They recommend customers to properly seal the bag after the product has been opened to remain fresh and safe for consumers to use after it is first opened. Avoid placing the Mango Snow Ice in a place with excessive heat or anywhere with moisture. Moreover, try to avoid the product being exposed to constant light – direct sunlight to avoid extra heat energy coming in and melts your Mango Shaved Ice. It is best to consume the Mango Shaved Ice before the expiration date, where it is usually marked on the package. With this proper care, the Mango Snow Ice can last up to 12 months and you can enjoy your delicious Mango Shaved Ice without any worries!

Packaging: The Mango Snow Ice is packed in a plastic packaging to avoid the product being contaminated easily. Plastic is a natural insulator of heat and by using plastic, it can prevent heat energy from transferring to the product. Each block of Mango Snow Ice has a net weight of 2.5kg (88.18 ounces). There are eight pieces of ice blocks packed in a carton. For a more exclusive deal, it is suggested that customers purchase the Mango Shaved Ice in bulk.

Mango Snow Ice Overview

Snow ice is an Asian dessert, a big family of ice-based desserts, made from fine shaving ice then topped with sweet condiments or syrups. In Korea  it is called bingsu, sometimes written as bingsoo or patbingsu, meanwhile in Taiwan it is described as Taiwanese shaved snow dessert or “xue hua bing”. In Chinese it is called “baobing”. Regardless of what it's called, shaved ice is a well known dessert that is being consumed worldwide in different forms and styles.

Subtropical Food Industries Sdn Bhd is the official distributor for Mango Snow Ice, a flavored ice block that turns to an extra-delicious ice dessert, added with sweet toppings and fruits to kick off your summer heat. Subtropical Food Industries Sdn Bhd was first established in January 2015, recognised as a food & beverage manufacturer and distributor located in Melaka, Malaysia. The company provides Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) services to meet their customer needs. Subtropical Food Industries Sdn Bhd focuses on producing tasty and delicious products in manufacturing fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) by ensuring that the ingredients used are safe to be consumed.

Shaved ice is a very popular dessert, especially during the summer. The frozen dessert – in which blocks of ice are shaved into snow-like wounds, commonly known in Asian countries. Shaved ice is usually added with condensed milk to give it an extra flavor. To make it more refreshing, add a generous amount of fruits and syrups. Nevertheless, Mango Snow Ice is a flavored ice block, to which a flavoring has been added beforehand. To turn the ice block into fine thin strips, you may use an ice shaver machine or blender. After it has been shaved thinly, it will give a soft, almost fluffy-like texture that melts instantly in your mouth. Typically the syrup is added at the point of sale after the product is frozen and shaved. However, it can also be added before the freezing process.

Mango Shaved Ice is generally made by shaving a mango flavored ice block into a bowl and served together with fresh mangoes, mango puree and drizzled with sweet syrup or cream. Toppings such as grass jelly, vanilla ice cream or whipped cream can be added to replicate those expensive ice desserts you can get in hotels or restaurants. You can enjoy the Mango Snow Ice as it is, or you can add these toppings to jazz it up a little. It is the perfect summer dessert to quench your thirst and cool you down during a scorching hot day.

Mango Snow Ice Specifications
  • Fine and thin ice texture
  • Soft & fluffy shaved ice with sweet taste
  • Instantly melts in your mouth within seconds
  • Packed using plastic to prevent the transfer of heat energy
  • Net weight 2.5kg (88.18 ounces)
  • 8 pieces of ice blocks in one carton
  • 12 months of shelf life
  • Made in Malaysia

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