Chocolate Snow Ice Confection

Chocolate Snow Ice Confection
Chocolate Snow Ice Confection


Chocolate Snow Ice Confection

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Texture: Fine & Smooth

Taste: Sweet

Feature: Soft & Fluffy Ice, Melts In Mouth In Seconds

Packaging: Kept Frozen

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Net Weight/Unit: 2.5 Kilogram

Usage: To enjoy the soft and melt-in-your-mouth texture of Chocolate Snow Ice manufactured by Subtropical Food Industries Sdn. Bhd., you may first cut the plastic packaging of the product with a pair of scissors. Then, simply take the ice block out of the packaging. You may shave the product to make chocolate shaved ice by using a blender, a manual ice shaver machine or an electronic ice shaver machine.

To make chocolate shaved ice with a blender, first of all, you may crush the ice block with a rolling pin or mallet into smaller pieces. Then, put them into a blender to crush the ice into a smooth and fluffy texture. Blend the ice to your desired consistency. Pour the chocolate ice dessert into a bowl based on your preference. You may also spoon the desired amount out of the blender.

You may serve the chocolate shaved ice alone or with flavourings or toppings. You may pour flavourings such as chocolate sauce, condensed milk and whipping cream onto the shaved ice or top the shaved ice with toppings such as ice cream, chocolate brownie and cocoa powder. Serve the chocolate shaved ice with sliced banana to make a banana chocolate dessert!

To shave the chocolate snow ice block with a manual ice shaver machine, first pull up the handle. Set the ice block on the platform with the ice shaving blade. Then, pull down the handle and make sure the claws on the ice holder are in the ice block. This ensures the snow ice block is stable on the machine when the machine is in operation.

Put a bowl underneath the machine to collect the shaved ice. You may shave the ice block by turning the handle. While shaving the ice, gently turn the bowl to ensure that the shaved ice has decent form. You may serve this dessert with flavourings and toppings to make it more savoury. Serve the chocolate shaved ice right away before it melts.

This summer, a big bowl of chocolate snow ice dessert is unquestionably your best partner!

Storage Instructions: Subtropical Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. recommends sealing and refrigerating the bag in the freezer once opened the packaging of Chocolate Snow Ice. Avoid exposing this product to excessive heat or moisture. Furthermore, keep the chocolate shaved ice block away from direct sunlight. Consume the product before the expiration date as marked on the package to enjoy the fluffy texture of chocolate shaved ice at its finest. With proper storage, the product may last for up to 12 months.

Packaging: The Chocolate Snow Ice is packed in a plastic bag to protect it from contamination or damage. One unit of Chocolate Snow Ice has a net weight of 2.5 kg (88.18 ounces). Eight pieces of the product are packed in a carton. It is recommended that buyers purchase in bulk for exclusive deals.


  • JAKIM Halal-certified: By acquiring Halal certificate, all the products of Subtropical Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. have complied with Islamic Law and standards set up by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). In this case, Chocolate Snow Ice may also be known as Halal Chocolate Snow Ice Malaysia.
  • MeSTI Certificate: "Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI)" also known as "Food Safety is the Responsibility of the Industry", is a certification of endorsement that the company has complied with the basic hygiene requirements in accordance with the Food Hygiene Regulations 2009. Therefore, by receiving this accreditation, all products that are distributed by Subtropical Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. are considered safe for human consumption.

Chocolate Shaved Ice Block Overview

Whether it's called Bingsu in Korean, Kakigori in Japanese, or Xue Hua Bing in Mandarin, snow ice is what we desire for summer! 

The Chocolate Snow Ice distributed by Subtropical Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. is the best chocolate snow ice dessert to cool off in the summer or in tropical countries such as Malaysia. Subtropical Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. is a food and beverage manufacturer and distributor in Melaka, Malaysia. Established in 2015, Subtropical Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. concentrates on developing delicious products and perseveres in manufacturing fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) using safe ingredients for its consumers. The company also provides Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) services to fulfil the requirements and needs of customers.

Typically, shaved ice is made with ice and flavoured with condensed milk. However, Chocolate Snow Ice is a flavoured ice to which chocolate flavouring is added to make the ice block base before freezing. The sharp blade of the ice shaver machine will shave the ice block into thin and tiny strips that look like snow! The thinly shaved chocolate snow ice gives a smooth, fine, almost fluffy texture that melts on the tongue instantaneously! By serving this dessert alone, you may enjoy the luscious and rich cocoa flavour of the chocolate which is similar to chocolate-flavoured snow ice cream.

Snow ice is also known as an ice-based dessert that is made with finely crushed ice and sweet condiments or syrups. Usually, the syrup is added at the point of sale after shaving. For chocolate shaved ice, chocolate sauce may be added to enjoy the strong and aromatic flavours of chocolate at its greatest. Toppings such as fresh fruits, tapioca pearls and grass jelly may be added to the chocolate shaved ice. The fresh fruits may make the chocolate shaved ice a refreshing dessert, while the chewiness of the tapioca pearls makes it addictive!

Shaved ice beverages may also be made by mixing shaved ice with a considerable amount of syrup or liquid. The chocolate snow ice is suitable to be used by restaurants, dessert shops or related small businesses to serve their customers with flavoursome and palatable snow ice desserts without troublesome preparation beforehand!

Chocolate Bingsu Ice Block Specifications

  • Soft and fluffy snow ice
  • Fine and smooth texture with a sweet taste
  • Melts in mouth in seconds
  • Has a net weight of 2.5 kg (88.18 ounces)
  • Packed in a plastic bag to avoid contamination and damage
  • 8 pieces of ice blocks in a carton
  • Shelf life of 12 months
  • Made in Malaysia

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